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Gardening Mistakes to Avoid

Both veterans and rookie gardeners make mistakes, such as drowning their plants by overwatering and not giving their plants space to grow. Here are the top mistakes that gardeners commonly make.

Mistake #1 

Too many changes too soon. There are so many reasons why this problem occurs. Buying a new home and longer warm weather could be the reasons for the spark that ignites your green thumb. Instead of being so quick to change your landscape, live with your land for at least a year. This tip simply will keep you from making the mistake of pulling fall-bloom vines, mistaking them for weeds.  Here are some suggestions on how to keep an eye on your land.

*Determine how many hours of sunlight your garden gets
* Test the level of pH
* Observe when the lawn brightens up

 Mistake #2 

Looks can be deceiving: you see trees that look properly spaced, but in all reality those trees are too close together and will be competing for water, sun, and nutrients just to stay alive.

 Before you try to fix your mistake by transplanting the trees, try this: before digging, read spacing instructions.  Give the trees space to breathe. It may seem as if there is too much room, but in the end the trees will grow to fill that space and not suffocate, which is your goal.

 Mistake #3

 Planting a new garden without a plan for the long-tern is what we like to call mistake #3.  Instead of making am impulsive decision, try drawing a simple sketch of your yard.

In your sketch include what you will add later, such as pools, patios, and outbuildings. If things seem unclear, simply head to your local nursery or stop by your home improvement center. If you’re willing to have a professional come in and landscape, you’re looking at $250 to $500.