Winter Staging Tips

December 2012 Blog 2

Having your home on the market is hard enough, but add cold, snow and early nightfall to the situation and it becomes even harder.By applying the following tips, your family will enjoy spending time by the fire on those long, wintry nights, and potential homebuyers will emotionally respond to the newly created ambience.

  1. Rearrange the furniture to create intimate seating arrangements.
  2. Create a good traffic flow.
  3. Cover the floors with rich, dark area rugs such as Oriental ones.
  4. For the feeling of sophistication, add a touch of black to the room.
  5. Choose warm colors.
  6. Add corduroy floor cushions stacked by the fireplace.
  7. Place a basket filled with birch logs and sugar pinecones.
  8. Toss more pillows and chenille throws on sofa and chairs.
  9. Buy stacking baskets with lids to contain family room clutter.
  10. Add vanilla or cinnamon scented candles and place throughout the house.
  11. Replace a few lightbulbs with amber-tinted ones to create a wonderful soft glow to your rooms.
  12. Use accessories sparingly, but what you do use should have a dramatic impact.
  13. Soften cocktail tables or sofa tables with a piece of rich fabric that complements your décor
  14. Add live greenery.
  15. Place copper pieces on countertops that will gleam under kitchen lights.
  16. Keep a large bowl of fresh pears or apples on a table or counter.
  17. Spruce up the bathrooms with new shower curtains and fluffy hand towels.
  18. Keep snow and slush cleared from doorways and walkways.
  19.  Eucalyptus wreaths are excellent winter choices to hang on the front door.
  20.  Add color to the landscape with large potted winterberry shrubs.
  21. Buy an attractive but sturdy new doormat.
  22. Strategically place spot lighting to highlight shrubbery and light walkways.
  23. Replace any door hardware that is showing any tarnish or wear.
  24. Hang a feeder in the backyard to attract colorful birds.
  25. Cover the grill and make sure there are no summer items lying around outside.