Spring maintenance

April Showers Can Bring Mold and Termites

The heavy Spring rains in our area bring all the beautiful flowers and lawns to life, but they can also cause drainage problems. Checking the drainage at your home is one Spring chore you can’t afford to put off.

Rainwater can get into your crawl spaces and cause lots of trouble, including mold growth and creating the perfect environment for termites. Look around your house after the next rainstorm, and if you see areas of standing water, you need to make some changes. Often, landscaping to move the water away from the house will do the trick.  If the problem seems more serious, installing a French drain (a shallow trench filled with gravel to redirect the water) can keep things dry. If water is getting into your house, you need to be aggressive in taking care of the difficulty to avoid major damage.  Click here for more.

Simple Repairs Can Save Dollars – The News From GLAR

The prettiest season in the Ohio Valley is Spring. Trees burst into bloom, the whole world starts to grown green, and birds sing everywhere. If you own a home, Spring also means it’s time to do a little upkeep to make sure your home stays beautiful.

One of the tasks you do not want to ignore is checking your downspouts and gutters for clogs. Even if you gave the gutters a good cleaning in the fall, debris will have piled up over the winter. Everything from pine needles to toys can lodge in your gutters and cause trouble. Also, look for places where the gutter is pulling away from the house, or for dents that can hold standing water. These problems can be repaired with a hammer and nails.

Look over your downspouts for blockages. Since you can’t see into them, tap along the length with a screwdriver to hear blocked areas, or run the hose up into the gutter and track how the water is flowing out of the downspout. A little simple maintenance in the  Spring can help keep your home safe and dry all year long.  Click here to learn more.