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Green Up When Selling Your Home

January 2013 Blog 3

Adding a little social responsibility to your home is good for your family and the environment. It also shows prospective buyers that your home has a conscience.

 Stay clutter free

When you want to sell your house, go through it room by room and remove excess items. Leave space between items on the walls and on the floor to show off the architectural features of the house. Uncluttered rooms feel larger and more spacious, which helps potential buyers get a true sense of the space that is available to them. Once you have made your house clutter-free, stay committed to keeping it that way throughout the house-selling process.


A sparkling house is attractive to buyers. Buyers do not like looking at other people’s dirt. Cleaning can be done without using harsh chemicals. You can save money too by making your own natural cleaning formulas. The main ingredients can be found in your own cupboards:

-Scrub sinks with a mixture of baking soda and salt.

-Clean toilet bowls with denture tablets.

-Clean windows and hard-water stained fixtures with water and vinegar.

-Common houseplants are pleasing to the eye and they clean the air by absorbing harmful gases like formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide.

Use colors to create a good atmosphere

Painting is the least expensive way to change the color and atmosphere of a room. A neutral backdrop on the walls makes your house feel bigger. White, off-white, light beige or light taupe is good to use. Select a color that has the broadest market appeal, and then use the same color on all the walls so that the space in your house flows from one room to the next. Here are some ideas about using environmentally friendly paints when painting rooms:

-Look for paints with less toxic side effects.

-Look for natural paints or paints with zero VOC or low VOC. They have very little odor when applying and have no “off gassing” after curing.

-You can also use Eco Pro brushes and environmentally friendly roller covers and paint trays.