First-time buyer’s guide

Buying a home for the first time can be quite the experience. Whether it’s choosing the right location, establishing a proper budget or even choosing the right real estate agent, it can all be a bit much. Fortunately, local REALTORS® are available to help guide new home buyers through the tricky and sometimes tedious process.  

Step number one, before even looking for a dream home, is to get prequalified for a mortgage. Prequalifying shows the REALTORS® and the rest of the market that this is a serious hunt for a house. Check on credit scores, current budget and long-term goals before applying for prequalification.  

First-time home buyers also face an uneasy road when it comes to location. Many may be in a new town or are moving from a rental property. While they may understand mortgage payments, this may be their first time with insurance, upkeep and everything that comes with actually owning a house.   

Deciding where a long-term investment will pay off is key. Is it the up and coming neighborhood, or a long-standing traditional neighborhood? A REALTOR® will listen to the needs of the buyer and knows the city inside and out, which allows them to find the right home.   

Check out more great tips from REALTORS® by contacting your REALTOR today.


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