Get that house sold with improved curb appeal

The key to selling a home is meeting a potential buyer’s needs. Make sure they get a great first impression before they even set foot in the house.  

Each house’s curb appeal needs are different. If there are large trees on the property, make sure they are properly trimmed. The last thing potential buyers want to worry about is a rotted tree, or worse, a tree that is hiding some of the best parts of the house.  

While easy to do, it is important not to overlook front doors, siding and outdated paint schemes. Keep these aspects of the home fresh with replacement parts or new paint.  

If the house is being shown at night, make sure there is proper lighting. Lighting can be used to make the visitor feel safe or highlight sections of landscaping. Of course, don’t forget the simple things too, like mowing the yard and removing weeds from walkways and patios. 

For more do-it-yourself ideas on prepping a home for a sale, contact a local REALTOR®.


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