Helping a home make a strong first impression

When a potential buyer pulls up to a home, their reaction to the curb appeal sets the tone for the entire visit. With just a little work, a strong, lasting first impression can be set before a guest ever sets foot inside the house. From landscaping to cleaning, a local REALTOR® has the tips needed to boost a home’s curb appeal.  

Next time on the way home, stop and take a look around just as a visitor would. Then, look for spots that can be improved; a bush to trim or concrete to be sealed.  

Besides landscaping, look for things like a dirty roof or loose gutters when examining a home’s curb appeal. These things catch a potential buyer’s eye immediately and leave a lasting impact on their opinion of the house. A disappointing exterior only makes for a disappointing interior.  

Most home buyers feel that what they see is what they get when it comes to a new home. They don’t see a few projects to get the home ready, but rather a home that is unfit to purchase.   

Ask friends and family who don’t see the house everyday for things that catch their eye. It may be hard for someone to see flaws while looking at the same house every day.  

Contact a local REALTOR® for the latest in curb appeal tips and trends.


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