Holiday House Selling Tips

Are you selling your home during the Holiday Season?  If so there are some unique challenges you might face.   Many potential home buyers are more focused on the Holiday Season and all of the excitement that goes with it than on buying a home.   Here are some simple tips to help put you in front of the pack this season and get your home sold.

Minimize Your Decorations
Minimizing Christmas décor can help to make the house look as big as possible. Use a smaller Christmas tree and try to keep decorations neutral. Don’t distract the buyer with over the top decorations.

What Smells So Good!
Use the wonderful smells of Christmas to make your home more attractive to buyers. Using scents such as cinnamon or spruce will enhance the experience for them and give a favorable impression.

You Always need Curb Appeal
Since the exterior is the first thing a home buyers sees, give your home the curb appeal it needs to make a favorable first impression   Get rid of all the dead leaves, shovel a clear path  for walkways and take down those outdoor container with dead flowers.  Make any exterior repairs your home may need and paint any areas that need to be refreshed or touched up.

Market the House and Price it to Sell!
Try using a virtual video tour of your home as well as photos taken of your house during spring and summer months so that buyers can see what the landscaping looks like when it is warm. With the help of your REALTOR, research what comparable homes have sold for in the immediate area and price your house to sell. 

Remember, you need to make your home as appealing as possible to nab that potential home buyer.  Use these tips and the advice of your local REALTOR to get your home sold!


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