Time for Fall Cleaning

Just as spring-cleaning is needed for the warm summer months, it’s important to clean your home in preparation of the cold winter months, too. Just think of all that time spent indoors during the next few months. Check out some tips to get started here.

Simple tasks that take barely any time at all, such as flipping your mattress over, are a great way to begin. Other ideas, such as vacuuming your drapes and window accessories may take longer, but are still very important. While the vacuum is out, move the furniture (and even appliances) around to clean the places that have been neglected for the past few months.

Other ideas to get ready for the winter months include cleaning your carpet. Summertime is great for hosting parties and having company at your house. Now that it’s fall, it’s time to think of all the dirt they tracked in. With the comfortable fall weather, it’s also a great time to tackle the window-cleaning project. Take out the screens, wipe everything down, spray them out and make sure they are properly sealed to keep the heat in.


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