Shooting Straight While Negotiating

One of the best tips to take into the sometimes lengthy and tedious buying and selling process is to remain stoic. Emotions are running high, but keeping them in check helps the process go smoothly and ensures both the buyer and seller get a fair deal.

A common hold-up in the sale of homes is contingencies set by the buyer. If possible, leave these out of the offer. Without them, the seller will feel more at ease with your offer, and it could be the deciding factor for the seller. However, there are still contingencies that need to be met, such as a home inspection. Try to keep only the most essential contingencies in an offer.

Even if the home is the perfect size or in the perfect neighborhood, admitting so results in a loss of leverage for the purchaser. That’s why its important to keep rash emotions and feelings out of this equation. Always leave the door open to walk away, it will make the seller nervous and could force them to accept an offer a little lower than they otherwise would have.

While competition may be a turn off at first, expect it in the housing market. Remember the budget that was set and stick to it. Despite competition, know what the maximum price a house is worth, and let someone else overpay.

If you have questions about purchasing a home or need advice about getting started, contact your local REALTOR.


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