Remodeling Within Your Budget

Remodeling your home may actually be easier than you thought. With the following tips, you can get your home looking great in no time, with little money.

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to improve your home’s look is adding a fresh coat of paint. For instance, change the color of your living room from a pale, boring tan to a lively green. Paint is a cheap, fresh alternative to spruce up your home’s looks.

One of the best cost-saving tips is doing the work yourself. Much of the cost of a remodel is for labor. Cut that chunk out of your budget and do the work yourself. Not only is it an opportunity to save money, but to spend quality family time or learn about home maintenance techniques.

Doing it yourself doesn’t have to be literal either. It just means not hiring costly professionals and contractors. Use other resources available to you, such as your friends and family. This will provide you with more support for your tasks without breaking the bank.

Rather than opting for expensive new furniture, check out local secondhand stores. Often they sell nice, comfortable, long-lasting furniture. Just be sure the furniture is still sturdy enough for your usage. Don’t be afraid if it needs fresh upholstery or a new coat of paint that will help bring out the best of your remodeled room.

Many times, stores will have inexpensive, last-chance, as-is items that customers can snag for cheap. These items may not be 100% perfect, but they can more than do the job you need. They also help expand your budget to allow for extra home appliances and items such as special paint, new outdoor furniture or other décor.

For the best places to shop locally, ask your local REALTOR!


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