It’s the Little Things

Quick! What is the first thing you look for when walking into a home? A doormat in the entryway for a place to rub your shoes, of course! Before hosting strangers who are considering buying your home, spend some money on a nice doormat. It will help set the tone for their entire visit.

Another easy trick that goes a long way is making the home feel comfortable. Bake some homemade cookies or offer a pitcher of lemonade during the warm summer months. Once the weather cools, offer warm brownies or hot coffee. You never know when a snack or drink station will make someone stop to think about your home’s potential.

Stay out of the way of visitors. Leave your home when the open house is happening. Staying will keep potential buyers from asking questions about issues they are really concerned about, out of fear of being rude to you. Also, leave the tray of cookies, but take your pets with you. No one wants to walk into a home only to be spooked by a crazed dog, pet snake or hairball-coughing cat.

These easy techniques can greatly increase the perception of your home, or ruin it, depending on what you do. In some cases, visitors will sit and think on it for days, then decide it’s perfect for them. Make sure potential buyers leave with nothing but good thoughts about your home. Even if it’s not for them, you never know who they may tell.

For more great ideas to get your home sold, contact your local REALTOR!


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