The Scrutiny of Selling

Sundays are supposed to be “fundays,” right? When it comes to selling a house, Sundays are the best time to showcase your home. Many homeowners are reluctant to open their home to the scrutiny of potential buyers who will scour cabinets, give bathroom cleanliness examinations and debate living room potential. However, if you want to sell your home, an open house is a great bet to do so.

Before showing your house, make sure it is prepared. The first step is to tidy up both the inside and outside of the home. Start by cutting the lawn, trimming the bushes, mopping the floors and organizing closets. It sounds like a chore, but it really is the little things that win over potential buyers.

Yes, you love all of the little things that make your home yours, but that stuff means something only to you. Making your home more generic helps potential buyers envision the house as their own. That means hide the family photos, unique antiques and other items you have collected over the years.

Don’t forget about the kitchen, either. The new coffee maker you own may look sleek, but it’s not the potential buyer’s. They want to see empty countertops. This helps them realize how much space they will have and where they can place their own appliances, not yours.

While staying generic, make your home look classy too. Set your fine dining place settings out for display. This will help buyers imagine themselves hosting fancy dinner and housewarming parties once they move in.

Despite the preparation it takes to make an open house successful, it could be just the shot in the arm your house needs to sell. Plus, the more people who see it, the more interest you have drawn to your home. Just make sure your home is in tip-top shape when it’s on display.

If you have any questions while preparing your home for an open house, ask your local REALTOR who has all the answers!


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