How to Find the Perfect Ceiling Fan

The efficiency of a ceiling fan is measured in the amount of air moved, more specifically in cubic feet per minute (CFM). The best fans move the most air with the least amount of effort.  

When it comes to ceiling fans, size matters. Install the biggest fan that fits your space. While smaller fans may be a better fit cosmetically, they operate with less efficiency, thus increasing your overall costs. Smaller fans will have more revolutions per minute, while larger fans will have less. This means larger fans, depending on the size of the room you are trying to cool, may be more efficient. Visit the American Lighting Association’s website for more details on selecting the right-size fan for your needs.

 While size is one of the most important decisions in selecting the correct ceiling fan, there are still several other factors to consider. 

Finding a fan with good blade pitch is important. Look for fans with wider blades, around 5 inches is recommended. These blades should sit at an angle. A fan with wide blades and an angle of 12-14 degrees moves more air, more efficiently. 

You also want a durable, sturdy fan. To find these fans, make sure the blades have been treated with a moisture sealant. This ensures that wood blades will not warp and peel and metal blades will not scratch and tarnish.

A fan with good motor quality is essential to keeping your home cool for less. A motor that has been sealed, lubricated and equipped with ball bearings not only runs more efficiently, but also requires little maintenance. There are more expensive motor options that operate much quieter.

Just like other appliances you purchase for your home, look for fans with the Energy Star rating. If a fan has this rating, its CFM is at least 1,250 and it comes with several warranties, including a 30-year motor warranty. Plus, Energy Star-rated fans are 50 percent more efficient than other fans.



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