A Cost-Efficient Summer Cool Down

During the summer, it can seem impossible to escape the heat. Fortunately, you may have just what you need to beat the heat inside your home — a ceiling fan.  

While a ceiling fan does not technically lower the temperature, it does help you feel cooler by placing a windchill in the room and on your skin. 

One of the undervalued benefits of ceiling fans is their low operating cost. Ceiling fans typically cost about the same as running a 100-watt light bulb. New, more efficient Energy Star-rated ceiling fans use even less than that. Over the average life of a ceiling fan, you can save hundreds of dollars in lowered cooling costs. Also, since a ceiling fan will make you feel cooler, you can increase your thermostat temperature. Each degree you raise it over 78 degrees saves you an average of 5 percent in cooling costs, another benefit of using ceiling fans.  

Ceiling fans make such an effective cooling mechanism because they are inexpensive. For the average home, a ceiling fan in the $200- $600 price range covers the room’s needs. However, higher-end ceiling fans are available, some upward of $10,000. On the other end, less expensive fans also exist for under $100. You can also customize these fans with special blades, finishes and designer shades for a little extra. Check with your local REALTOR for more details on ceiling fans, including their added value when reselling your home.



  1. Fans are a great option but so are the window A/C units. If you spend most of your time in one or two rooms (i.e. living room/bedroom) it may be worth the couple hundred $$ to buy one of these to keep your room cool instead of the entire house

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