The Modern Look Your Home Needs to Sell

When selling a home, one or two major places influence potential buyers the most. These rooms are the kitchen and bathroom(s).  

Appliances are one way to set your home apart. Stainless steel appliances help your kitchen look sleek and modern. At the same time, they are not for everyone. Families with small children may be reluctant about stainless steel appliances for fear of greasy fingerprint stains. Be careful when picking out a color for a new appliance too. Black quickly looks outdated, and white fits only the right home. An alternative is ordering front panels for your appliances that match your kitchen cabinetry. If you are considering selling and it is time to replace appliances, you may want to wait and work that out with potential buyers. This way, they can have their own input into their new home.  

Organization is also key to selling a home. Your home may have everything a potential buyer is looking for — space, bedrooms, modern kitchen, etc. However, an unorganized home can throw off a visitor’s perception of the home’s potential. If a closet or cabinet is organized, it helps visitors easily envision themselves in the home. It may also trick the buyer into thinking they will be more motivated to stay organized when they move in — a positive thing.

 Make your home light up a visitor’s day, literally. A poorly lit home, regardless of its actual specs, may leave the potential buyer feeling left in the dark. To lighten up your home, consider installing recessed or sconce lighting. Not only will this brighten up your house, it will help it look more modern. Different styles of lighting will also help the buyer realize they can set the room’s mood to match their personality. It gives them more control and helps them easily envision themselves in this new home.

One part of your home that can be a polarizing option is built-in furniture. Some potential buyers will view it as an added bonus, while others will view it as a downside because they would like to design or bring in their own furniture. One option is installing stand-alone furniture that looks built-in. With this, the seller can give buyers the option of buying it with the home or take it with them.

Your lawn can be a big draw to get visitors interested in your home. Families with children will especially like a green, flat lawn. Before installing a new patio, deck or other outdoor addition, consider leaving your lawn and outdoor area as is so a potential buyer can do with it what they want. It’s better to have them instill their own influence than a seller guess at what a buyer may like.

For more information on how to create that homey feel that sells homes, contact your local REALTOR!



  1. In our industry, sometimes we say that you’re actually trying to sell the kitchen & bath more than the entire house. Buyers want want updated kitchen’s and baths because this is where most of the money is spent during renovations.

  2. Organization a home, making it light in every area & room plus offering specific buyer concessions are helpful especially with older sellers

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