Get Your Home Over the Hump

Looking to sell your home but need that extra advantage to make it stand out? Check out some of these great ideas to get your home sold fast. 

Everyone understands the importance of a first impression. It is no different when it comes to showing your home. To start, apply a fresh coat of paint to the front door. Make sure the first part of your home that potential buyers see is well maintained and in good shape.

Besides the front door, the next thing many potential buyers will see is your home’s entryway. Make it stand out to set a positive tone for the rest of the visit. Even if your home is designed without a traditional entryway, create one yourself. Add furniture, such as a small end table, pictures or paintings and other small decorations to give your home something visitors will remember right as they walk in.

Flooring is another aspect of the home that potential buyers will notice quickly. These days, many buyers are hunting for hardwood floors, popular due to their durability and style. Carpet styles come and go, but hardwood is always in vogue. While natural hardwood can be a serious, expensive investment, other options, such as Pergo, offer a similar style and feel for a lower price. However, be careful not to go too cheap, as it is easy to tell a laminate floor from actual hardwood or Pergo.

A potential buyer can be enticed by your home’s “jewelry” — the faucets, doorknobs and cabinet knobs. Upgrading existing jewelry can increase the perception of your home’s elegance. Many home designers will argue that this is the quickest and easiest way to upgrade a bathroom or kitchen.

Another room potential buyer’s are influenced by is the bathroom. Win them over with a clean shower and mirror. While it will help, a brand new, shiny whirlpool tub isn’t absolutely necessary. More importantly, old, rusty or rotten tubs will quickly turn off a buyer. The same goes for your bathroom’s mirror. Replace an older, outdated mirror with a new, modern design. As designer Simon Temprell says, “Don’t be afraid to look for a mirror in sections other than the bathroom aisle.”

Another major variable in selling a home is your countertops. A countertop can make or break your kitchen, regardless of how the rest of the kitchen looks with new appliances, cabinets or flooring. Yes, granite may be cutting-edge, but it’s not what everyone is after. Mostly, potential buyers will look for cleanliness and grout lines. One solid countertop slab is the key to piquing the interest of visitors. When it comes to countertops, avoid tile and laminate surfaces because they look cheap.

Contact your local REALTOR for even more tips!



  1. I always recommend a de-cluttering. It is an absolute necessity. Take a look at your counter tops in the kitchen. Get rid of the excess clutter. You simply cannot imagine what difference it makes to the kitchen. Organize your closets. Organize your bookshelves- most bookshelves I see when out home viewing with buyers are disorganized… make the yard sparkle- pick up loose sticks, mow the lawn, water flowers, make the yard inviting!

  2. The two easiest & cheapest fixes: fresh coat of neutral paint which will make the home feel more updated and appeal to more buyers & cleaning/de-cluttering. This will make a space feel more open and make the home appear is has been well cared for.

  3. The most efficient way to showcase your home is to simplify the look by removing clutter from counters, shelves, table tops and closets. An inexpensive basket/container for various daily used areas will provide a storage for those items frequently needed. When you leave for work you can place these under cabinets or on closet shelves, leaving your countertops & table tops clear. Closets can be cleared by boxing out of season clothes & accessories and storing the boxes in the basement or even renting a storage space to prepare for your move.

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