Sprinklers, Siding, Sidewalks and more: A Guide to Summer Projects

Over the winter, your sprinkler system was temporarily put on hold. When the summer heat rolls around, get out there and test your system to make sure it still functions properly. After all, your grass is going to need it this summer.  

To test the sprinkler system, turn it on and make sure it still rotates and hits all of the areas it is designed to. Do this with each sprinkler head throughout the yard. Also, be wary of puddles, as they could signal a leak in the underground piping. Same goes for especially dry areas — that may mean there is a clog in the underground piping.   

Just like the rest of your home, your siding has been exposed to the harsh winter elements all season long. When the heat hits, get out there and clean it. The siding may have attracted dirt, salt and, in areas close to shrubbery or green plants, mold. To prevent the growth of mold, trim the green plants back nearly three feet from the siding. Your siding can shine bright again too. Simply apply a wash with a water and bleach concentrate that will remove all the dirt and mildew from the previous few months. 

Fences and gates are also two areas where the winter can inflict damages. Inspect the fence and gate by looking for damage to posts, boards and each part of the fence. If damage exists, use heavy-duty fasteners to fix splitting and other problems. Push and pull posts to check for rotting. If the ground soil is packed tight and the post still moves, then it may have some rotting. Support it by placing a metal or wood support beam on either side of it for stabilization. If your gate is starting to sag a bit, refasten hinges to keep the gate off the ground. 

Minor cracks in concrete and asphalt, those no larger than one-half inch wide, are easily fixed. A trip to the local hardware store for some crack filler is all you’ll need. If a large slab has tilted or sunk into the ground, a professional concrete contractor becomes a necessity. These pros typically run about $500 per slab. Also, it may be time to recoat your asphalt or concrete driveway, patio or sidewalks. Look for light-colored aggregate to begin showing through the concrete as a sign that it’s time to recoat. 

Don’t forget about cleaning your deck. Sweep it off regularly, including the corners and spaces between boards. Your local hardware store will also carry deck cleaner your can apply each summer. For more information on deck cleaning, check out our June blog at https://louisvillerealtors.wordpress.com/.

Stay active this summer and keep your home looking as good as ever.



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