Creative Ways to Show Your Home and more

If you need a creative way to showcase your home, consider a staging. Your local REALTOR may be a professional home stager. Take advantage of their advice for staging. This includes eliminating clutter and depersonalizing your home to help visitors envision themselves living there. Neutral-colored paint is another interior tip for increasing your home’s viability. However, don’t neglect the exterior either. Keep up your curb appeal by maintaining landscaping, keeping the grass cut and performing general yard maintenance. Other ideas include a simple yard sale to help the visibility of your home.  

First and foremost, it is important that you keep your home in good, clean condition so it is always ready to be shown. Another step to take early in the selling process is to stage an open house for local REALTORS. This allows you to get to know them better, as well as receive valuable feedback on your home’s strengths and weaknesses. Make your home available to house hunters with consistent showings and open houses. To increase your home’s comfort ability, provide snacks and refreshments during showings.

 If you don’t have the time to show your house yourself, set up a lockbox so your REALTOR can make the home available when you are not. You never know when the perfect buyer will be looking for their new dream home.

When it comes to offers, make sure to keep your emotions in check. Just like you, potential buyers are looking for the best deal they can get, so don’t take a lowball offer personally. The first offer may be the best or the worst, so it is important to be patient and consider all offers. However, don’t wait too long, as offers won’t last forever.

A buyer’s initial offer is often negotiable. If it seems just a bit low, make a counteroffer. Counteroffers include aspects other than price. You can counter on closing date, furniture and appliances left behind or closing costs. Other options include making the sale contingent on the seller finding a new home or extending the seller’s move date.  Other things to be worked out between the buyer and seller include who is going to pay for repairs found during the inspection.

When it’s all over, don’t forget to keep thorough documentation of the paperwork for tax and personal liability purposes.



  1. Cleaning & decluttering is a must before putting your home on the market. Also, I suggest always using a lockbox since most buyers do not feel comfortable meeting the seller while they are viewing a home.

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