The Best Home Improvement Sidekick – Your Phone

Starting a home improvement project? Your smartphone, and all of its capabilities, is the perfect sidekick. Turn your phone into a level, stud finder or flashlight. Don’t start a project without it!

Planning the Project
Before beginning any home improvement project, you must first know what you will need. It is important to calculate a budget, record the proper dimensions and order the right amount of materials. For $1.99, the Handy Man DIY app is capable of all these important first steps. It even provides a how-to for certain installations.

A simple 99-cent app, Flashlight or Flashlight+, can help you find your way in the dark. Be it fumbling for your keys to unlock your door, cleaning under cabinets or finding an outfit in a dark closet, the flashlight app provides LED light, illuminating those dark spaces in your home.

Stud finder
The iPhone, iPod and iPad have an app available for $3.99 that turns your device into a perfect tool for hanging pictures, shelves or mirrors. The app, StudFinderPRO, is available at the iTunes store. Android phones have a similar app, the Magnetic Stud Finder, which is available at no cost. The apps operate by locating magnetic fields found in screws, nails or other metal objects.

Did you ever think your phone could be a ruler, protractor, bubble level, surface level and plumb bob? The iHandy Carpenter app, available for the iPhone, iPod and iPad, turns your device into all five. Eliminate the need for a clunky toolbox with one, convenient device. A modified version of the app, iHandy, which is simply a level, is also available. For Android users, the Johnson bubble level app is available. These apps, along with the stud finder app mentioned previously, gives users everything necessary for simple, hang-on-the-wall jobs.

Clean Up
Once your home improvement projects are complete, it’s time for cleanup. Fortunately, Good Housekeeping magazine offers a free @Home app. The app has design tips, the best ways to remove various stains and, of course, a searchable list of the thousands of products that hold the Good Housekeeping Seal.



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