Pocket Tools: The Top Home Improvement Apps

Use your phone for more than making calls; simplify your home improvement projects by downloading these apps. Your smartphone has the capability to do everything from finding the perfect paint color to planting the perfect garden. 

Finding the Perfect Paint Color for Your Home
Find the perfect paint color for your home by simply snapping a picture. By downloading a free iPhone app, such as Benjamin Moore’s Ben Color Capture or Sherwin-Williams’ ColorSnap, you can snap a picture and match a paint color to the closest paint product available. This can come in handy when you find the perfect color for your home, whether it’s at your favorite restaurant, in a friend’s home or wherever the perfect color strikes your fancy.

 Interior Design Inspiration Straight From Your Phone
Need help building the perfect room? Turn to your phone for guidance. Apps like Home Interior Layout Designer—Mark On Call, created by an interior designer, are available for $2.99 on the iPhone, iPod or iPad. Dream Home, also available on the iPhone, iPod and iPad platforms, retails for only 99 cents. This app provides inspirational ideas for users and their interior design projects. The iPad-only app, Living Room, which sells for $4.99, helps users create floor plans and entire interior design projects.

Planting the Perfect Garden
Trying to figure out what to plant in your garden this year? Need landscaping tips? The iPad app Landscaper’s Companion provides users a searchable database of 5,000 or more plants in 16 categories. For only $9.99, the app helps users select the best plants for their garden based on the garden’s sun exposure and garden zone.

Mobile Home Improvement Shopping
Do you need replacement parts, gently used appliances or materials for your home improvement project? Like nearly everything else—cars, books and the like—replacement parts or used appliances and materials are easily located with a few apps. By downloading eBay’s free Mobile app, users can search the auction site’s entire marketplace for the right part, piece or materials for their home improvement project. Don’t forget, you can place your own gently used parts, equipment or materials for sale on Mobile too. Similar to eBay, popular online classifieds site Craigslist.org has iPhone and Android apps: Craigspro for iPhone and Craigsnotifica for Android.


Bargain Hunting with Smartphones
Attention bargain shoppers: Get the lowest prices on every purchase. Now, with the advent of smartphones, bargain hunting has become easier than ever. The first step to take advantage of the new technology is downloading Amazon.com’s Price Check app for the iPhone, iPod or iPad. Price Check allows users to scan a barcode and compare product prices to those of Amazon.com and other retailers. Another similar app, Price Grabber, is available for both the iPhone and Android. No more driving around or clipping coupons; it’s all available on your phone.


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