Find the Root of the Problem

Big plants need love too. The larger the plant, the more likely you are to stunt its growth and shorten its life span. This common mistake occurs when you don’t provide the plant with the proper amount of water and nutrients.

You don’t give your hardiest plants a little help putting down root, but sprinkling the foliage doesn’t nourish the roots.  In order to deliver water to the root, try placing the hose at the base of the new bushes and plants. Continue this process twice a week for 20 to 30 minutes. For hot spells repeat, the process more often.  

 Don’t Forget the Sun

 How could you forget the thing in that sky that shines on us? Well, people seem to because too many gardeners pick plants based on looks and not the growing conditions.

 Observe the spot where you’re going to put the plant and estimate about how much sun the plant will get over the course of a day.  This tip will come in handy and save you a lot of money.

 Over Watering

 It may be hard to believe that you can drown a plant, but it’s very possible. An automatic irrigation system is a great thing to have, but auto-watering can bring disease, root rot, and premature death; it also can run your water bill through the roof.

Try to water your plants for 40-60 minutes two to three times a week.

 Budget Blunders

 We never plan for bulldozers to come and ruin our landscaping jobs, but stuff happens, such as construction on your home. Have a backup plan for when your landscaping falls victim to the unexpected.

 A lot of times, homeowners don’t plan for a construction budget. Although you may end up with a beautiful addition to your home, you may have to reach back in your pockets to pay for the repairs of a ruined landscape.  So allocate 10% to 20% of your construction budget to landscaping.


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  1. Remember to give our established plants a watering that will make the roots go down – to drink it up the water.
    Giving trees/plants small amounts of water frequently only keeps the roots near the top of the ground making the plants weak.

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