Who’s Taking Care of Your Vacation Home While You’re Away?

It may be costly to pay a property manager or caretaker to watch over your home away from home, but let’s weigh some options here.

Would you prefer to pay someone to watch and care for your home versus having your vacation home broken into, flooded, or damaged? Those circumstances occur more often than you think.  If you’re interested in safeguarding your home, here are some steps you can take.

What’s Better—a Property Manager or a Caretaker?

 It’s pretty costly to hire a property management company to maintain your vacation home, which includes opening and closing it. Also, if you’re renting out your vacation home, the property manager will possibly get 20% to 60% of the profit you make, according to Christine Karpinksi of HomeAway, a vacation rental website.

 Here’s a less expensive option for you: hire a local housecleaner or handyman to keep an eye on the property during the off-season. 

If you live far away from your vacation home, you’ll want someone reputable looking out for your best interest. Make sure to do your research and be certain that the person you hire is insured and bonded.


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