Controlling Your Lawn This Summer

Make sure your lawn stays properly nourished this summer. Know when and how to feed your lawn to maintain a healthy appearance all summer long.

Instead of feeding your lawn several times per year, it is now recommended that you do it only once. For cool-season grasses, this means during the early fall growing season. This will help the grass stay healthy throughout the winter. If you want a mulching lawn mower, leave the clippings in the lawn. They will decompose naturally and leave nutrients in the soil to replenish the growing lawn. Also, many organic lawn foods are becoming more and more available, and have never been easier to find at your local garden centers.

Weed Control

 Everyone should try to embrace the thought of having an occasional weed. Simply remove the weed and root.  If you feel as if the weed situation is becoming unmanageable, it may be time to apply an herbicide. 

For Kentucky homeowners, the best time to apply a weed killer is in the fall.  Sometimes the thought of even trying to apply a weed killer yourself is scary, but Richard Hentschel of the University of Illinois Extension recommends a liquid herbicide that you apply only when and where it’s needed versus all over the yard.  Before you apply liquid-based herbicides, make sure you read the directions.


 Do you have browning and wilting patches on your lawn? If the answer is yes, then most likely you’re seeing the results of grubs. 

The culprits are white and C-shaped. To find out if they are the roots of the issue, pull back the sod and have a look. When you can see the grubs exceeding 10 per square, they should be treated with a chemical pesticide. Check out Milky Spore, an environmentally friendly way to control most species of grubs.


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