Lawn and Gardening for Your Home

A well-manicured lawn can do wonders to the value of your home. Merely keeping the shrubs trimmed, yard cut and mulch fresh makes your home much more visually appealing. Another tip is to add colorful bushes to replace overgrown, drab green bushes. Finally, seed bare lawn spots to create a spotless landscape. REALTORS and appraisers both acknowledge the value that a well-manicured lawn adds to a home.

While all of that fresh green in your lawn looks great, add some color to kick it up a notch. Tulips and pansies are a great way to do this. A flowerbed by your mailbox is one spot for this color, especially if that mailbox sits near the entrance of your home. Even some color on the front door or porch furniture can appease the eye of potential buyers, increasing the likelihood of your home selling.

When it comes to mailboxes, spruce yours up a bit. Add fresh paint or a new set of house numbers to make it look enticing to visitors. If your older mailbox is beyond saving, purchase a new one. A pre-made hand-painted mailbox costs around $50.

A white picket fence is often a part of the American dream home, so add one to your home. Appraisers will add value to an appraisal based on a well-maintained picket fence, especially those enclosing a colorful garden. If you already have a fence, keep it in tip-top shape to catch a potential buyer’s eye.


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