A Few Bucks and a Few Hours to Protect Your Home’s Foundation

Everyone knows the key to success is a solid foundation. Your home is no exception. However, excessive water poses an expensive, serious threat to your home’s foundation. One way to save your foundation, and wallet, from these dangers is gutter maintenance. Gutter maintenance includes replacing old or missing gutters and even installing new downspouts. A do-it-yourself gutter job can cost as little as $20 and an afternoon of your time.

Gutters face potentially dangerous exposure to various outdoor elements. Sometimes large sections of gutters will even end up missing. Stray animals, bad weather and age all present threats to your gutters. If it’s time for you to get new gutters, don’t fret. Many hardware stores sell 10-foot sections of replacement gutter for less than $10.

Other gutter essentials include downspouts and sealant. Downspouts are gutter extensions that carry water down the side of the house. Their standard price range is around $10. A 12-ounce tube of gutter sealant, to protect your new gutter from leaks, is a bargain at $5.

Gutter hangers and clips are important for stability. To provide proper support, install the clips 3 feet apart. Self-tapping screws, end caps and joint connectors may also be necessary for your gutter project. These additional materials cost only a few dollars each.


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