An Affordable, Durable Bathroom Floor

Another option for bathroom flooring is durable, water-resistant vinyl. Vinyl is one of the less expensive ways to replace your bathroom floor and keep it looking great.  

One advantage of a vinyl bathroom floor is that it holds up great against water puddles, making it a smart buy if you have kids.  In addition to being water-resistant, vinyl is also resistant to stains and tough enough for heavy usage.   Installing vinyl flooring is easy. It comes in 12-foot-wide rolls, making it easy to roll out and stick down. On the edges, use water-resistant caulk to prevent water from soaking the subfloors. When it comes to décor, several style options exist in vinyl flooring, so there is room to be both decorative and cost-effective.

When making the final decision on a vinyl choice, remember — the thicker the vinyl, the better the quality. Vinyl that comes in tiles is tempting to purchase because of the low price, but avoid it, as it poses problems of water leaking underneath the many seams.

Ask your local REALTOR which new bathroom flooring option works best for your home and budget


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  1. Looks like a great flooring product for those investors out there – rehabbing those foreclosure properties

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