Upgrading Your Bathroom Floor

A stone tile floor may seem like an expensive luxury that falls outside your budget when you’re considering remodeling your bathroom floor. Fortunately, your local REALTORS have tips on how to make a first-class floor affordable.

Several benefits accompany a stone tile floor — looks, feel and support to name a few. At first, it may seem that you can’t afford stone tile, but with a little shopping around, you can find something affordable. Another great way to save money on stone tile is to install it yourself. Installing stone tile can be complex, but compared to paying for installation, it is one of the easiest ways to cut costs.

One caution with stone tile bathroom floors is that they become slippery when wet. Be sure to find skid-resistant stone with texture to solve this problem.

If you’re installing the tile on your own, make sure you understand the entire process. Laying a stone tile floor is different from installing other flooring options. Stone tile needs to be laid on a flat surface complete with cement backer board. Cement backer boards can be purchased relatively inexpensively at local hardware stores.

Once the tiles have been installed, however, the work is not done. Sandstone, limestone and softer stones have a natural water resistance, making it important to resurface stone tiles every two years. Harder stones, marble and granite for example, require less maintenance, calling for resurfacing every five years.


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