How To Offer A Homebuyer Incentive

A homebuyer incentive can be a tricky thing. It can be complicated, misinterpreted and in some cases, illegal. Know what and how to offer your potential buyers.

The first step is to make sure you are not doing anything illegal. In some states, homebuyer incentives are completely banned. In others, there are complicated rules and restrictions on this process. Ask your REALTOR® to make sense of the laws and give you examples of what you can do, if anything, as an incentive.

Homebuyer incentives can set your home apart in this day and age of cookie-cutter homes. Something as simple as a big screen TV or a washer and dryer left behind can make your home stand out from the rest.

Knowing potential flaws that others may see in your home can also give you reason for a homebuyer incentive. If you need updated paint or wallpaper, making a decorating allowance can ease the minds of those potential buyers.

A high-priced incentive may also turn off a buyer. It can alert them that you are hiding major flaws or need to sell the home quickly, forcing them to withdraw or lower their offer.

A homebuyer incentive can be just the thing you need to get a deal over the hump. Just make sure you know how to utilize the tool.



  1. It is also important to note that one person’s treasure is another’s trash! Not just any incentive will work. Your REALTOR can help you determine which incentive will give you the most traffic. If the carpet looks terrible, a flat screen tv might not be enough! Each case and buyer can be very different.

  2. As a buyer be observant to what the seller is offering. You may be able to have your realtor negotiate for more than just the incentive the seller is dangling in front of you. Closing costs can help out as well.

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