How To Take Care Of Your Roof

As a homeowner, there are several concerns you have for keeping your home in proper condition. One of the most important aspects of home maintenance is maintaining your roof. Proper yearly inspection can keep you up to date with the condition of your roof and what to prepare for in the coming year.  

The average life of a roof is 20 years. To help you decide if you should repair or replace a roof you need to consider its life span. If it is nearing 20 years, it may be time to replace. If it is still young, then only a repair may be necessary. A new roof costs $20,000 on average and can both add value to your home and get you an insurance discount. 

If you start noticing spots and chipping paint on the ceiling in your house, you may need a repair. Repairs work best for small spots on a relatively young roof. If you take care of these spots right away, it may save you from further damage both indoors and out. Other areas to check for water damage from a leaky roof include near the fireplace and other near appliances that run outside.  

From the outside, you can check on your roof by looking closely for shingles that are cracked and otherwise in poor condition. Also, when cleaning your gutters be on the lookout for soot buildup. This means that your shingles are old and deteriorating, and it may be time for a replacement roof.  

Before you decide to do anything, though, it is important to get multiple quotes and thoroughly compare them. Companies may charge differently for materials or labor, and it is important to know exactly what you are paying for. Many roof companies will provide a free estimate.  

Insurance companies should also be notified of a new roof and the reason behind it. If a recent storm has caused damage, then your homeowners insurance may cover the costs. Even if not, they may offer a discount for a new roof.  

While replacing a roof is inevitable, knowing when can save you money and time. Regular maintenance on a roof is one of the most important things homeowners can do to ensure their home is taken care of. After all, what is more important than keeping a roof over your head?



  1. In addition to checking for granules in the gutters. You will want to have the boots around your plumbing stacks checked every spring or summer to assure the winter did not cause them to crack. Replacing a boot is around $40 repairing damage from a leak because they cracked could be much more.

  2. “Nail Pops” are also something which should be addressed. As the roof heats and cools the nails can pop up from the wood. Many times inspectors will put this into the home inspection report. A roofer will repair these at a very inexpensive price and do it right, and stop any moisture from getting in.

  3. A REALTOR can be a valuable resource in determining quote sources. Often, they have worked with companies on other homes for sale or have personal knowledge about quality. We recommend at least 3 quotes to get a good range of deals. Sometimes, the cheapest is not necessarily the best but neither is the most expensive.

    Neglecting to patch the roof when the problem is minor can cost much more in the long term. Get to the problems quickly and you’ll enjoy your roof for years to come!

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