What Windows Can Do For You And Your Home

One of the more cost-effective investments in your home is brand new windows. New windows recoup much of their investment, lower heating bills, and are generally easy to understand with a little preparation, adding up to an increase in the value of your home. 

Windows can recoup as much as 70% of your investment in added value to your home. The initial expense of windows may be high, but there are many cost-cutting options available. Perks that can lower the initial cost include an immediate tax break for as much as $1,500 with certain qualified windows and the opportunity for low-interest loans and other incentives from your utility.

Windows that are at least 15 years old become a source of draftiness and allow for heat to escape your home. Depending on your environment and location, this may run up your heating bill. Replacing windows prevents more heat from escaping and lowers your heating bill anywhere from $100 to $500. 

Windows also add several thousand dollars of value to your home when reselling or refinancing. The cost and effectiveness of windows is also dependent on several factors, including where you live, the windows you are replacing and the windows you choose.

 Knowing which windows are right for your home is a must when shopping for windows. Make sure to understand common window terms such as glazing (the glass used in the window), spacers (separate sheets of glass to prevent condensation and heat loss) and gas fills (chemicals that improve insulation and slow heat transfer). Also, ensure that they meet the energy-efficiency requirements for the tax break and match your home’s environment.

 When it comes to remodeling and home investments, windows, when done right, are one of the better options on the market. For more information on window specifics, visit these great resources: http://bit.ly/czad0a; http://bit.ly/895mkl; http://bit.ly/gyl9xu.



  1. There are few more significant signs of a well cared for home than nice replacement windows. They make the home look cleaner, the rooms look brighter, and buyers frequently notice the condition of the windows. Plus, they are amazingly easier to clean!

  2. As stated above, replacing old windows with newer and updated windows can save money; but another aspect is the aesthetic value. Updating your windows are a great way to make a home look updated and may help with the sale of a home. In addition, during the summer; some windows that face the sun directly can be tinted for a better efficiency.

  3. Caution-Make sure before you make any exterior changes to your home including windows, that the planned changes have approval for the location of your home including Preservation districts or Homeowner Association.

  4. Low E glass is worth the price, especially since houses tend to lose a large percent of their heat through windows. Purchase the highest quality low-E glass you can afford. I found this out from clients that put all new windows in and saved a ton of money on their energy bills!

  5. The largest loss of energy is windows, so it is wise to replace less efficient windows with those offering energy efficiency. However, the higher prices replacement windows aren’t always a value. It’s important to seak a reliable supplier of windows, prefaced by an energy audit.

  6. Replacing windows with energy efficient windows is one of the smartest investments a home owner can make. They save a considerable amount on your heating bill, plus are a major attraction to a buyer when you sell your home.

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