Warm up your home this winter season

Reluctant to turn up the thermostat with rising heat costs this winter? Then check out this list of tips and tricks on preparing your home for the harshness of winter.

There are several easy ways to keep the heat in your home this winter. You can start by doing what should be an annual practice; performing regular maintenance on your furnace. The cost of regular maintenance will pay for itself over the course of the winter in the amount you save on reduced heating bills due to the efficiency of your furnace. Cleaning out exhaust paths and changing filters is a great place to start performing this upkeep on your furnace.

If you use a radiator heater, make sure it’s surrounded by plenty of space. Radiator heaters need to be clear of obstacles on top and around them.

Equally as important is keeping the heat in your house and the cold air out. Many people are now replacing the weather-stripping around their doors and windows to plug up drafty spots where cold air could sneak in. This is similar to the age-old technique of placing a blanket or rug under the door.

Replacing your screen windows used in the summer with storm windows that provide a much tighter seal can also help to lock out the cold air. Windows facing south can become a source of solar heat when opened so the sun can shine through. Also, make sure you are preventing heat from escaping to rooms that are not in use; shut off these rooms so the heat follows you.

While you are sleeping under the warmth of all those blankets, drop the thermostat down a few degrees to save on your heating bill. Other ways to keep the heat bill down are using alternative heating sources such as electric heaters for smaller areas. But be wary of kerosene heaters and fireplaces that need open air to operate. You are trying to keep windows closed to keep the heat in, and these devices need open windows.



  1. Most HVAC Contractors will offer a “Maintance Agreement”. They are relativly inexpensive when you compare them to what you save on parts and labor is something should go wrong with your furnace or A/C unit and you get regularly scheduled maintance cleanings and checkups!

  2. Great information on cost saving ideas for these cold winter months. I love the idea of adjusting the heat down while sleeping. A programmable thermostat is great for this. I adjust mine to lower temperatures while I am out selling houses along with while I am sleeping. The savings is great and I always come home and wake up to a warm and toasty home.

  3. It’s amazing how many people also forget to check air filters. We recommend to our renters that to help keep heating costs down, change filters once a month. Our HVAC people say that a dirty filter contributes to strain on the furnace fan, which can drive heating costs up.

  4. A programmable thermostat is perfect for keeping your temperature low during your days at work and also during sleep at night. These thermostats are low in cost considering what they will save you in your monthly bill.

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