Maximizing Closet Space

Need some extra space for all those holiday gifts you received? Or treated yourself to? Check out these ideas on how to get the most out of your master closet. 

Do-it-yourself projects are popular these days, and your master closet can certainly be one of those projects. Making your closet a DIY project can be cheap, personal, and rewarding.  

To begin, make sure you have measured your master closet and know its dimensions. It is important to have these measurements in planning, in ordering and installing shelving, for storage compartments, and for hanging space.

Another key is planning for the items you need to fit in the closet, from shoes to dresses and everything in between. Make sure you have arranged for space to hang longer items such as dresses and coats, racks to hold shoes, compartments for jewelry, and other smaller items.

It is also important to set a budget, as in-closet modules and materials for this project can become pricey. Know how much you have to spend and do it wisely.  

Hiring this job out may be more realistic for some. Many do not have the time or resources to pour into a closet makeover. Also, professionals are masters at maximizing every inch of space with the latest trends and materials. However, you will be sacrificing a lot of your ideas and control.

 While it is going to take time and a little effort, maximizing your closet space will not only help your organization but could prove beneficial come time to sell.  Click here for more.



  1. Maximizing Closet Space is so important. Not only for
    time management in knowing exactly where everything is place but also for showing a home. It is not necessary to have a professional organize your closet (while they may have better ideas to gain more storage) ~ if you don’t have the money right now…start with all the same size/style storage boxes….all hangers clear and clothes hanging same directions.

    1. A well organized and sharp closet can really make the difference, just this past fall I had a client that choose one condo over the other because of the larger closet. This closet was freshly painted, light and clean. It sold the condo! How refreshing to look at a closet and view the entire floor of the closet.

  2. One way to add space: Take out clothes you haven’t worn in six months or more. Likely you are never going to wear them. If they are nice donate them to charity. You will have more room and someone may enjoy wearing them.

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