Get the Know-How in Keeping Your Home Protected

Being a homeowner brings about many concerns, such as insurance, finances, and maintenance, not the least of which should be home security. That doesn’t mean you need to hop on the phone and call a professional; these do-it-yourself tricks will help you safeguard your home in hardly any time at all.

While many people are afraid to admit that their home is vulnerable or unsafe, it is important to understand how to keep your home from becoming an easy target. Burglars and thieves are intimidated easily, so make your home a daunting presence.

 A house that looks neglected or unkempt catches burglars’ eyes immediately. This signals that burglars can attack with some sort of cover. Don’t let your home be one of these! Take care of the exterior of your home by keeping up with landscaping, sweeping the sidewalks and/or driveway, raking leaves, and shoveling snow. While these are simple seasonal tasks they demonstrate to a burglar that you are home often and maintain order.

 As we all know, thieves strike in the night, and especially target dark homes. Again, don’t provide the criminal with any unnecessary cover. Installing outdoor lighting such as motion sensor lights and pathway lamps will alert the neighborhood thief of heightened security at your home. Motion sensor lights are easy to find and install, and pathway lights are even available as solar powered units.

 Know what a thief is targeting. They are not attacking your home for cheap, everyday items. Thieves are looking for TVs, jewelry, electronics, and even personal information. Lock up your valuables with an in-home safe or safe deposit box. Important personal documents such as birth certificates, passwords, and bank information should all be locked up. For those expensive items that are used rarely, invest in a safe deposit box.

 Securing your home doesn’t stop with just physical items. Identity theft has become an increasing problem, so don’t fall victim to these strikes. Protect your home computer by setting up passwords and establishing a secure network. Even a simple action such as turning off your computer can eliminate threats to your personal safety. 

 Keeping your home safe is a 24/7 365-days-a-year job, but your peace of mind is well worth the effort!  Do-it-yourself activities can be a family event too. Have your spouse, partner, children, or roommate help with these everyday tasks to keep you and your loved ones out of harm’s way. Click here  for more.


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