Staying Safe: Tips to Keep Your Home Secure

Keeping your home secure starts with you. Many are quick to call a professional for their home security needs; however, there are many do-it-yourself security tactics for your protection.  

For starters, make your house appear as a home. Keep your landscaping trimmed and neat, especially around windows and doors. Don’t give burglars and thieves an easy cover. Keeping your home looking fresh and maintained discourages criminals from attempting a crime on your property.  

Keeping your property well lit can help too. This doesn’t mean leaving lights on all day and night—simply install motion sensor lights. Not only does this keep your home safe, but it also provides a convenience for you, the homeowner. Most motion sensor lights are relatively cheap, available, and easy to install.  

Consider an in-home safe or safe deposit box. Many people are not as careful as they should be with their valuables; just think of what you have lying around in your master bedroom. For these valuable items that are not of everyday use, purchase a safe for your home or, if necessary, place valuables in a safe deposit box to keep them from being stolen or broken. While it is nearly impossible to lock down everything valuable, such as your TVs and other electronics, the less available for theft, the less vulnerable you are. 

Home security is about more than locking up and storing physical valuables. Think about your personal information, especially that on your computer. Make sure you are protected electronically, via passwords, virus protection, and more. 

Know what to do in the worst-case scenario. While you have some time, take an inventory of valuable items you have in your home, such as computers, jewelry, and other such valuables. Keep a list and, if possible, photo documentation of these items. Also, double-check your insurance policy to make sure you are covered in the event of theft or burglary. 

Don’t feel threatened in your home; stay on top of home security. Putting these simple ideas to work increases home security and provides for a safe, friendly, convenient home.  Click here  for more.


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