Fast Fixes for an Easy Sell

In today’s economy, people want the most value for their money, and in the housing market, the best house always wins.  With most buyers looking for the greatest value, you want your house to be in pristine condition! One inexpensive way to make sure your house is ready for the market is to get a home inspection.  This is typically done by the homebuyer before purchase, but sellers who invest in this process before showing their home increase their chance of a sell! The home inspection will allow decrease flaws that you may have overlooked and give you time to fix them.

With the home inspection set, you will also have the ability to gather home repair estimates. If you have several things to fix, but know you can’t fund them all, pick the ones you can afford. 

Another inexpensive way to make sure your house is buyer-ready is to make quick, simple fixes, like repairing that leaky faucet and squeaky door or replace those torn window screens. This way, your house will come across maintained and well kept!  Click here for 5 tips to prepare your home for sale.


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