Minimal expenses before showing, big payoff at closing

Fixing flaws before your potential buyer notices them can yield huge payoffs at closing. Buyers want move-in-ready homes. The need for even the smallest improvements can be enough to send an interested buyer packing.  

The best approach is to begin with a home inspection. In many cases, sellers have been living with a home’s flaws for quite some time. You may have gotten used to your leaky bathroom sink or forgotten about the basement door that sticks, but your buyer won’t.  

It can be next to impossible for sellers to separate themselves from their home and look at its flaws subjectively. For $250 to $400, a home inspector can point out the areas potential buyers simply won’t be able to overlook.

 If you manage to avoid any major structural issues, the remaining improvements are typically cosmetic. This is good news, because cosmetic upgrades offer the largest return on your investment. Peeling vinyl, unsightly paint colors, and dingy carpet can be replaced for relatively little money and can yield thousands more at closing. 

There are even a few improvements you can make that don’t cost a dime. 

1. Clear your house of clutter.
2. Clean out your closets ¾ the less you have in them, the bigger they will look.
3. Put at least one-third of your furniture in storage. Especially large pieces This again will give the look of more space.
4. Remove family pictures, collectibles, and knickknacks to depersonalize your house – potential buyers want to be able to envision themselves in the home.

Putting in minimal time and money to improve the little things before your first showing will yield more interest and bigger offers. For more tips and tricks to cast your home in its best light, click here.


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