No Time to Skimp on Pool Maintenance

In-ground pools make your backyard the ultimate summertime destination, but you don’t want to let maintenance get away from you. Building an in-ground pool will cost about $30,000 and up, and you want to protect that investment. A new variable-speed pump will use up to 80% less energy than a single-speed pump. With savings like that, you could recover the $1,500 pump expense pretty quickly.

You can save more by setting the pump to run at non-peak times, when rates for electricity are lower. Another place you can save money on maintenance is through the installation of an electric heat pump, which will cost $200-400 less to operate per swimming season. If you cover the pool with a solar blanket, you’ll trap heat and reduce evaporation.

You need to vacuum the pool at least once a week, or put in a robotic cleaning system that will do the job for you. Pools also require the proper balancing of pH, alkalinity, and calcium levels. The traditional way of keeping bacteria and germs at bay has been to dose the pool with chlorine. There are other options; bromine, salt, ozononators and ionizers are less irritating to the skin. However, Chlorine allows some flexibility in checking the levels on a schedule.

Also remember that checking your insurance policy to increase your liability coverage is an important responsibility of pool ownership. Many underwriters require a fence for the pool before they will write insurance. Make sure the fence is sound. And when it’s time to close the pool, make sure you do it officially by hiring a pro to ensure everything is done properly. Learn more by clicking here.


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