Preventing leaky windows, rotting fences, and more

Are you having problems with leaks? Do you have water damage in your garage? While rain can be a great break from the heat of the summer, it can also cause serious damage to the outside of your home. Not only do leaky doors and windows impact a home’s efficiency, but they can also let in insects and moisture, which can lead to rot. It’s important to check the caulking around doors and windows to ensure the seals are tight. Be sure to examine wood sills as well for peeling paint, insect damage, and moisture penetration. Besides inspecting the seals on your windows and doors, make sure to check your roof for water damage as well, as this may lead to a leak.

 If you have a wooden fence or gate around your property, it should be painted or sealed annually. Wooden fences require more maintenance than chain-link or vinyl fences and should be checked for rot and insect damage every few months. Posts should be watched even more closely because they’re especially susceptible to rot, and with the South’s clay-heavy soil, posts may shift when soil expands and contracts. For more information on how to prevent water damage and leaks, click here.


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