Beating the heat—Tips on how to preserve your home’s exterior

If you live in the South, you know that high summer temperatures and humidity can cause damage to your home’s exterior. However, by performing routine inspections and preventative outdoor maintenance, homeowners can avoid costly repairs in the future. 

Maintaining a proper grade (or slope) away from your home is extremely important. Due to clay-heavy soil, homeowners in the South must keep a close watch. When clay soil dries out, it shrinks, causing the foundation to separate from the ground. If water seeps into these openings, it can leak into basements or it may freeze in the winter, causing the foundation to crack. To prevent this, fill any cavities with soil as soon as they appear. If the soil surrounding the foundation doesn’t slope away from your house, you should have additional fill dirt brought in. Along with inspecting the slope of your home, check the railings and stairs of your deck to make sure they are firm and secure.

 Finally, since air conditioners are crucial for summers in the South, make sure to clean out any debris surrounding the unit and cut back shrubbery so that it’s at least 2 feet away. It’s also important to get the system serviced every couple of years to ensure it’s working properly. For more information on how to preserve the value of your property with proactive outdoor maintenance,  click here.


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