Boost curb appeal without breaking the bank

Curb appeal has always been important, but with the majority of today’s homebuyers starting their search on the Internet, your home’s appearance is now more critical than ever.

Simple improvements such as painting or washing the exterior of your home, sprucing up your landscaping, and performing routine maintenance chores can all boost your home’s value in terms of marketability and dollars. Other creative ideas like adding a colorful bench to your porch or painting your mailbox may also attract homebuyers.

According to real estate agents and appraisers, outdoor lighting impacts curb appeal as well. Not only does it enhance the landscape and architecture of your home, but it also plays an important role in home security—helping to protect against intruders and preventing accidents.

Landscaping is another crucial element that can significantly improve the assessed value of your home. Even if you’re designing on a budget, green grass, colorful plant beds, and landscape lighting can all create a beautiful, eye-catching yard.  Click here to see more ideas to increase your home’s curb appeal.


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