Save $$$ — Save the world


Converting to solar power takes lots of time and money, but you can color your house green with a minimum of investment. Energy efficient appliances are key to a greener and richer future.

A new Energy Star-rated refrigerator with the lowest kilowatt-hour listing can be a big positive in reducing your energy consumption. Refrigerators can consume as much as 8% of your annual energy bill. If your refrigerator is old, a new one can be a green investment.

The next place to look for energy savings is in the way your family heats water. That eats up about 12% of your annual energy bill. The old-fashioned tank water heater heats all day in case you need hot water, so it is only about 60% efficient. Install a new electric water heater with built-in insulation, and you’ll see 90% efficiency. No matter what, though, don’t replace appliances that are working well— buying less stuff is the best way to save money and protect the planet.  Click here for  a great article on making your home more energy efficient.


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